Service Footprint

Service footprint

We care about language and translation needs in every aspect of life – from the very beginning to the very end. As such our translation services cover all facets of life, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, care-on-call services for the elderly, medical reports, death records, autopsy reports, websites for funeral homes, etc.

In Chinese culture, the basic needs of life are summarised as “clothing, food, residence and transportation”. Our translation services certainly meet the needs of individuals and corporations in all four categories.

In the clothing category, we have undertaken translation work for clothing labels, sportswear, handbags and shoes, as well as instruction manuals for luxury watches and cosmetics.

In the food category, we have translated recipes, food reviews, restaurant menus, medicine and health care supplement instructions, etc.

As for texts related to the home, we have completed translation projects comprising sales brochures, deeds of mutual covenant, tenders for developers, user manuals of home appliances, etc.

In the transportation sector, we have served automotive manufacturers with owner’s manuals, service providers with the localisation of user interfaces, car rental companies with website translations, individuals with certified translations of driving licences, and much more…

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